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SEO Search Engine Optimization Website Design

Re-Posting Web Content

Sharing quotes, facts, and images from other blogs is something many content creators do instinctively, without thinking about whether they are doing anything wrong...

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Virgin Valley Precious Opals and Jewelry

New SEO CMS Website Launched

The Virgin Valley opal fields of northern Nevada produce a wide variety of precious black, crystal, white, fire, and lemon opal. The black fire opal is the official gemstone of Nevada...

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Sizing Website Photos

Add Photo to Your Blog Page

Pay close attention to photo and image sizes you use in your blogs.

Max photo and image size 1024 pixels.

See this post for sizing your photos and images before posting to your website...

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Sizing Website Photos

Sizing Photos and Digital Images for Posting Content on Your Website

Recommended FREE Software for Sizing Photos for Posting Website Content

the GIMP

the GIMP

GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program...

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CMS Website Content Editor

Post Website Content

Adding Text Pages to Your Website

  • Log in to your Administration Panel (Dashboard).
  • Click the ‘Posts’ tab.
  • Click the ‘Add New’ sub-tab.
  • Start filling in the blanks: enter your post title i...
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